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The Fever Nut Brown is Back! -  Enjoy it while watching the Fever away games at Kimo's.

Mug Club -  More beer, same price. Every day, all day. Learn More CLICK HERE


Mug Club

What it costs

$50.00 one time charge.

What you get:

A mug. This is for the member to keep, it is not necessary to bring in the mug when they come to Kimo’s.

A 22oz beer for the same price as non-club members pay for a 16oz beer. Every day, all day. The same “more beer for the same money” deal at McDougall’s (Rattlesnake Mtn. beers only).

A monthly “Mug Club” newsletter containing upcoming event information, info about current and upcoming beers, several paragraphs of whatever the brewer wants to talk about, and coupons for even more savings on the beer.

Free Admission to indoor concerts at kimos

Lifetime membership.

Good Karma. (results may vary).

How to Join

Come into Kimo's or Contact Us for more information


CLICK HERE to download the Mug Club Newsletter (PDF)

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