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featured beerThe Fever Nut Brown is Back! -  Enjoy it while watching the Fever away games at Kimo's.

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Saturday May 29th @ 7:05 pm
Fever vs Fairbanks Grizzlies

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The ’Fourth and Long’ claims its first victim!

Kimos Restaurant Kimos Restaurant Kimos Restaurant Kimos Restaurant

fx pro A kimo’s regular, known only as ’Sabin’, was the first to attempt climbing the food mountain that is ’The Fourth and Long’. It is a twelve egg omelet with half a pound of ham, half a pound of cheese, peppers, onions, and mushrooms. It is served with half a pound of hash browns, and half a loaf of toast.

If ’The Fourth and Long’ can ever be eaten by one person in less than 30 minutes, that person will not only get ’The Fourth and Long’ for free ($25.47), but will also get their name, the date, and how long it took them engraved on a plaque. Mounted for all to see.

Please note Sabin’s awe and determination. Please note him throwing in the towel soon after. Please note the sadistic sneer on the face of ’The Fourth and Long’s creator. Please eat carefully.

Click Here for the Fourth and Long’s victory page!

What's Cookin?

Situated on the banks of the Columbia river Kimo’s Sports Bar has the latest in high definition TV viewing. 14 plasma TV’s and 5 lcd’s plus the 6 foot projection screen is all your sports hungry eyes can handle.

Kimo’s features a full service menu that will keep any one satisfied plus we also brew our own beer under the Rattlesnake Mountain brewing label.

fxpro review Kimo’s is now open for lunch daily at 11 o’clock!

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