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Fourth and Long News Flash!

The Fourth and Long defeats four in one weekend!

Fourth and Long - 7

Contenders - 0

Eat Me!

Contenders to date.

Four camera-shy contenders all tried to best the Fourth and Long this weekend (12/13). With predictable results. With only a few week left in the season, it looks as though the Fourth and Long may go undefeated.

Nathan - Number 3, Best attempt so far. Almost done in 27 minutes!

Kimos Restaurant Kimos Restaurant Kimos Restaurant

Quentin, number 2.

Kimos Restaurant Kimos Restaurant

Sabin, aka ’The First’

Kimos Restaurant Kimos Restaurant

If ’The Fourth and Long’ can ever be eaten by one person in less than 30 minutes, that person will not only get ’The Fourth and Long’ for free ($25.47), but will also get their name, the date, and how long it took them engraved on a plaque. Mounted for all to see.

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